Poetry: Regrets



The tiny sparrow, defenseless against

The wind, a victim of her own choosing,

Sang loud and long in defiance of guilt

That flowed through her veins like rough opium.

Denial proved the case: regrets still hung

Around her quivering throat, her frail neck,

Garlands of bloodstained rubies with her prints

Brutally unmasked against the hard gleam.

I have learned from the timbre of her voice

To live in perpetual discomfort

With these useless emotions and accept

That my regrets will continue to play

The role of unwanted, unloved partner

As long as I hold on to human life.


Photo Credit: © Izanoza | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos

Poetry: Idle Freedom




The somnolent sun tosses amber light

To the twisty trees flush with rich, green leaves,

That saunter to the light as if they were

Snagging a lazy fly ball. Water flows

Weakly under an indifferent breeze

That feels as if it had just awoken

From an afternoon nap. In a few months

These images will vanish as the sun

Becomes a useless ball, a heartless joke,

The trees stripped raw, the leaves a sad carpet,

The water suspended in time, the breeze,

Mad with tense wakefulness, will change its name.

Huddling by fires, we will damn cold winter

And long for warm nights of idle freedom.

Poetry: Colorplay


The morning sun became the trembling hand

On the door to the boudoir, revealing

Bowed leaves in dazzling shades of emerald,

Bright bursts of deep lemon, orchid and white.

The shock of color rendered the sculptures

Of the dead absurd, for no eyes so charmed

By this thrilling pageant of life could think

The vibrant present was not eternal.

We walked on to the chapel, where artists

Once transformed simple tints into the folds

Of a monk’s robe, and without word or thought

Found ourselves buying pastels in a shop

And carving out a small sliver of floor

In our tiny room to play with color.

Poetry: Permissions


When we first met I found myself engaged

In resistance, conjuring flaws where none

Existed, wishing you would disappear

Like a puff of smoke in a crazy wind.

I avoided contact, conversation

And caring, for I had intuited

That you would bring seismic change to my life,

Wrenching my soul from its weak foundation.

Clinging to hope that you would choose safety,

You chose to risk all you were, all you are,

For someone struggling to earn the freedom

To live every dream and fantasy.

Resistance crushed, I surrendered willingly

To the warm permission to be myself.

Image via Dreamstime.com