Poetry: Paseo, Madrid


We bounced through the gold satin glow, the desk

Teeming with new arrivals, then spinning

Through the door we tumbled to the plaza

To begin our quest for tapas and wine.

There a bright blue streak of lightning reshaped

The photograph into a negative,

Causing old women to scream in dismay

As the dampened skies unleashed shocking cold

And agitated pools buried our feet.

We took a shot on the next bright corner

Where we fell into step with white clerics

Solemnly leading a quivering line

Of mantillas lowered in devotion,

Thrilled by the appearance of suffering.

Poetry: Colorplay


The morning sun became the trembling hand

On the door to the boudoir, revealing

Bowed leaves in dazzling shades of emerald,

Bright bursts of deep lemon, orchid and white.

The shock of color rendered the sculptures

Of the dead absurd, for no eyes so charmed

By this thrilling pageant of life could think

The vibrant present was not eternal.

We walked on to the chapel, where artists

Once transformed simple tints into the folds

Of a monk’s robe, and without word or thought

Found ourselves buying pastels in a shop

And carving out a small sliver of floor

In our tiny room to play with color.

Poetry: Blessed Paris


A blast of winter had conquered Paris

In the spring, so we allowed time to drain

In the laundromat watching twisted clothes

In lollipop machines, grim street scrubbers

Armed with vicious lime brooms organizing

Cigarettes and papers in mushy piles.

At night, cuba libres with ax-faced girls

Puffing on small cigars next to a pair

Of overdressed backpackers from the States,

Engaged in the art of resurrection.

At breakfast we caught them at La Coupole,

Preaching indifference with bent elbows,

Communing with ghosts in fervent belief

In consecrated coffee and croissants.

Poetry: Aftershock


I have plotted arcs with compass, calculated

Hard angles with protractor and arrived

At the inescapable conclusion.

The mind is satisfied, for I have found

A defensible position against

The expectations of all the others

Through safe, secure and simple surrender.

After a brief moment in logical

Triumph, a black shadow of emptiness

Seeps through to my bones and the thing inside,

The inconvenient me, surges, careens,

Cracks the walls in furious aftershock,

Revealing the flaws in human structure,

Releasing the sanity of spirit.

© Nikos Koravos | Dreamstime.com