Monday Magic: Friends


10-Point Rabbit


The Rabbit.

I have a Cairn Terrier and Cairn Terriers love to play. I love to play, too, but I’m more motivated when playing to win. Understanding my special needs, the Cairn Terrier in question (Jadzia) agreed to work with me on a solution. Together, we created a game (a variant of tug-of-war) that we call 10-Point Rabbit.

It was originally called 10-Point Pig but Jadzia shredded the pig.


1. Dog initiates the challenge by bringing rabbit to human.

2. Human begins the game by taking hold of rabbit. Contestants commence tug of war over rabbit.

3. When one contestant takes the rabbit from the other contestant, a point is awarded.

4. If the dog wins the point, dog initiates round two by challenging the human. If the human wins the point, the human throws the rabbit down the hall. The dog must retrieve the rabbit and initiate the next round.

4. The game continues until 10 points are compiled. The contestant with the highest number of points wins. If the game is tied at 5-5, a sudden death round is played. The contestant who takes the rabbit wins the game.

Jadzia. 10-Point Rabbit contestant.


1. Dog may not bite human. One point to human.

2. Human may not throw rabbit in the opening behind the door at the end of the hall. One point to dog.

3. Human may not change hands during the fight for the rabbit unless the change of hands is accomplished by pulling the growling dog behind the human’s back and making the switch there. One point to dog for an illegal hand switch.

4. Fouls are not awarded for dog pinning the human’s arm to the floor or human kissing or tickling dog.

Jadzia celebrates a take. One point.


1. If dog recovers and regrasps rabbit in teeth before the human has a chance to throw it, no take is recorded and no point is awarded to the human.

2. A take that results in an immediate fumble does not earn a point. Play is resumed by the opponent closest to the rabbit beginning the initiation ritual (challenging or throwing).