Classic Music Review: Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis


A pretty impressive expansion of her range . . . jazz, classical . . . wow!



John Lennon famously described jazz as shit music, but the actual quote is a bit more interesting: β€œI think it (Jazz) is shit music, even more stupid than rock and roll . . . Jazz never gets anywhere, never does anything, it’s always the same and all they do is drink pints of beer.”

I’m not sure about the pints of beer part (heroin appears more frequently in the biographies of jazz musicians), and the β€œalways the same” comment is absurd, but I can certainly understand the sentiment about jazz never seeming to get anywhereβ€”a sentiment which many people share. After Louis Armstrong cleared the clutter of early jazz and energized the medium with intensity and direction, jazz reached its peak as a popular art form during the Swing Era, that strange time when Americans dealt with economic depression and world war by dancing to happy-go-lucky tunes played by the…

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