Poetry: Bloggers


Like newborn birds, flightless and clamoring

For bits of worm, the noises that explode

From our heads fill the ether, a mad cry

For attention in the hope that someone

We will never meet casually clicks

A button, indicating we are liked.

In this universe, where everyone

Seems to have something to say and the tools

To publish random thoughts and images

To what seems to be the civilized world,

Every act becomes duplicitous,

Each comment filled with hidden agendas

So you never know who is listening

Or that your words make any difference.

© Dzain | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

4 thoughts on “Poetry: Bloggers

  1. Ouch! this one smarts a little bit, Robert… every act becomes duplicitous? please clarify, we are not all so evil and filled with hidden agendas even if we are out here in Virtual reality. SB

    • Robert Morrow

      You’re generalizing, and no generalization was intended. The line is preceded very precisely by a discussion of the context of blogging, not the people who blog. I’m sure we all have hidden agendas to some degree, but that’s not the point. The point is that in a universe divorced from face-to-face communication, where interaction is limited to buttons and brief commentary, all communication is incomplete, and therefore, distorted to some degree. Without dialogue, there is no true communication. Blogging has its place, but it is a poor substitute for a high quality communication experience such as face-to-face communication, where both parties have access to tone, body language and expressions; where they can ask questions; where they can demonstrate listening.

    • Thanks for the clarification… that explains a lot. Of course who wouldn’t agree with what you write? tonight I have spent hours catching up on so many blog posts in my email inbox… somewhat tiring I say tonight. I have noticed that the most popular blogs seem to be some of the shortest… seems the less one has to say, the more interested others are in reading it! I even read something about a woman who has figured out how to write a whole book (of sorts) through tweeting it on twitter…. this is becoming a world I do not recognize nor have any real desire to join… how about you?

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