Balcony, Sevilla

This website features the prose and poetry of one Robert Morrow and links to the musical work of one Leighton Christopher Smith. Both are pseudonyms I adopted to avoid complications with the workplace.

Truth #1: Employment always interferes with the ability to express one’s true self.

A few years back I wrote a book called Ringing True, a satirical novel that uses the creation and development of a for-profit online religion to expose the many absurdities we have to cope with in modern life. After the usual rejections from the publishing houses, I decided to go the self-publishing route. I lost money, of course, but my goal wasn’t to get rich or earn “author status.” My goal was to simply write a straightforward linear narrative and have fun doing it.

Generally, I find linear narratives a bit dull, but I needed to develop my storytelling chops before attempting a more true-to-life approach.

Here you’ll find excerpts from the book and the full text of the religion’s “bible,” a compact, easy-to-read set of principles called The Numbers. You’ll also find some of my poetry and links to the music of my virtual band, Acoustic Disturbance.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, and I rather like that. I’m sure it will involve writing about truth in a world where truth is hard to come by. Stand by.

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